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Written on the 15th of February 2018

A big welcome to the new members and families who have recently joined in with our classes and thank you to everyone for your continued support and participation within the Integrated Academy. This newsletter covers some of the recent occurrences and then focuses on some upcoming events to look forward to experiencing in the future.

۞ 21st of December 2017: Congratulations to Gary Hampton and Cody Moras for successfully attaining their Green Belts at the Integrated Martial Arts/Development Academy. Much appreciation to all of the students, families and assistant instructors for sharing your time and support. It was an experience that required both Gary and Cody to dig deep inside themselves for resilience and perseverance and it was inspiring to see them make it through to the end.


۞ 23rd of December 2017: The Integrated Academy Christmas BBQ & Award Presentation at Esa Park, Point Vernon. Thank you to everyone for being there as I always enjoy presenting the certificates and engraved trophies to all of the students in attendance. Much appreciation to each and every one of you for being an important part of this shared experience of Integrated Self-Development and Martial Arts.





۞ 6th of January 2018 (and ongoing):  The ParkRun events in Hervey Bay are always a positive experience for everyone involved. Integrated Martial Arts now has a total of 20 team-mates participating in the Saturday morning event It's inspiring to see such a widespread level of personal motivation towards health and fitness in the community. Thankyou to all of the organisers and volunteers for providing these opportunities for us all.

۞ 31st of January: The weekly Meditation & Yoga classes are still going strong at the Integrated Wellbeing Centre. Much respect to everyone who has dedicated themselves to this class which is focused on holistically nurturing and activating health, wellbeing and harmony on each level of mind, body and soul.

۞ 4th of February: The Sports+ Expo at the Hervey Bay PCYC went really well and it was great to see so many positive options of sport, recreation, health and fitness available in the community. Well done to everyone involved with organising the event and also to Maridol, Angie, Anthony, Owen, Narelle, Tarley and Kaine for helping me promote the benefits of being involved at the Integrated Academy and Integrated Centre.

۞ 7th of February: The Integrated Development Academy has been welcomed into the Hervey Bay High School to be involved in the Alternative Education Program. I always enjoy working with the various teachers and students in these kinds of classes focused on providing support, guidance and mentorship to those in need.

۞ 13th of February: Much appreciation to Matthew Hancock for doing such a great job with Jean's Memorial Display that will be mounted on the wall at the Integrated Centre in Hervey Bay. Matthew's woodworking skills are awesome and I’m sure everyone will sense the heartfelt commitment that he has placed into this project.

۞ 15th of February: This was another empowering Alternative Education class at the Hervey Bay High School. Well done to each of the students involved for being willing to open their hearts and minds to the generative flow of positivity and inspiration available in the world.                                                


۞ Thankyou Note: Much appreciation to all of the other instructors at the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre who continue to join forces with me in offering a wide variety of health and fitness classes in the community. Thankyou Narelle Leahey, Dale MacKenzie, Joshua Seedsman, Jared Crooks, Maridol Torres and Tahnee MacKenzie. Each of your personal dedication and commitment to helping others in the community is inspirational and I am grateful for all that you do.





۞ 3rd of March: Ignite The Fight 23 Event in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Integrated fighter Locky Nugent will once again enter the Muay Thai arena for another character-building experience of inner strength and courage. Keep up the great work with your preparation Locky and we are looking forward to the event. If anyone else is keen to secure tickets to the event just let Narelle or I know and we will help organised it for you.


۞ 22nd of March: Brown Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall. This will be another great grading to look forward to at the Dundowran dojo.

۞ The Annual Integrated Martial Arts Friendship Challenge event will occur this year on Saturday the 14th of April at the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre. There will be at least 25 MMA bouts and also some Muay Thai bouts taking place within our “Realm Of Courage” Octagon! All students, families, friends and instructors are looking forward to the experience. Commencing from mid-March, we will be providing the necessary registration forms for each of the student who have chosen to participate. A facebook event page will also be created leading up to the event.


۞ We have a webpage for the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre ! The page also includes a downloadable and printable class timetable.

۞ Integral Health And Harmony sessions continue to be available!
Please see info flyer below
Contact Maridol on 0404797222 or 41287891 for more info.

There is also a webpage available at the following link:

۞ Maridol's book "Unveiling The Soul - A Journey Into Light" has now been published by the Balboa Press company!

The book consists of 140 pages of soulful poetry and artwork.
An excellent promo video has recently been created.

There is more info about Maridol's book at the following link: Balboa Press: "Unveiling The Soul"

۞ The webpage for the new enhanced edition of the “Inspiration For Life’s Journey” book has been updated. The books are available at each of Integrated Martial Arts training centre's and for anyone who doesn't live near Hervey Bay it is available to purchase online. There is also a PDF file available for anyone interested. If you would like a copy of the book in either format just let me know. The following link provides the purchase options and more details about the book:  
There is also a Facebook page that each week or so I put a new inspirational affirmation, artwork or poetry page taken from within the book or other sources.

Message Of Inspiration

"By becoming still and silent and present within the moment,
you are able to create a spaciousness whereby the natural truth
of Existence can come in and fill the emptiness with the natural
intelligence and spiritual wisdom that pervades the living cosmos."

~ Mick’s random epiphanies of awareness 2018 :)

۞ Thank you once again for your continual support and participation within the Integrated Academy.

May you continue to be uplifted and empowered through Inner Strength, Courage, Truth and Love.

With the Light of Friendship, Harmony and Appreciation,

From Michael )))...


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