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Written on the 19th of June 2018

A big welcome to the new members and families who have recently joined in with our classes and thank you to everyone for your continued support and participation within the Integrated Academy. This newsletter covers some of the recent occurrences and then focuses on some upcoming events to look forward to experiencing in the future.

۞ 3rd of May: Session # 3 of the Alternative Education Program at the Hervey Bay High School. The Integrated Development Academy continues to provide its Integrated Martial Arts/Self-Development sessions and programs. Well done to the young lads for their participation, and much appreciation to the supporting teachers. 

۞ 9th of May: Girls Self-Defence Class at the Hervey Bay High School. Well done to each of the girls who were very respectful and attentive in their involvement within this specific session which included learning about situational awareness and violence mitigation. 

۞  16th of May: Youth Empowerment Program at the Integrated Wellbeing Centre. The Integrated Development Academy continues to provide a self-development module within the YEP program, Well done to everyone involved including the awesome support workers who now feel like an extended family :) 

۞  17th of May: Blue Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall. Congratulations to Kouper McMurray, Lachlan Groves, Alex Newberry, Riley Groves and Gavin Duce for attaining their Blue Belt levels. It was an inspirational grading night and each student did really well. Thank you to Tahnee MacKenzie, Cal Green, Nath Duce and Dale Mackenzie for helping me facilitate the grading and much respect to all of the supporting families involved in the Integrated Academy journey. 

۞  20th of May: Hervey Bay Half-Marathon event. Thankyou to the Fraser Coast Runners & Walkers Club for organising such a great event for everyone to be involved in. I would like to extend my appreciation especially to Craig Cunningham for consistently training with me and helping me improve leading up to this event. This was the first half marathon event for both of us and Craig did an amazing time of 1:40:38 and my time was 1:43:27 which actually exceeded my expectations by about 4 minutes. Congratulations also to everyone else involved in the event as it was a day of mutual respect, comradeship and shared encouragement. 

۞  24th of May: Session # 6 of the Integrated Development module within the Alternative Education Program at the Hervey Bay High School. It is always a good feeling to work with the various teachers and students in these classes focused on providing support, guidance and mentorship to the students involved. 

۞  26th of May: "Tomorrow's Champions" Muay Thai Fight Night at the Gold Coast. Integrated Muay Thai student Sam Fischer fought in this event. Much respect to Sam for stepping up to this challenge. Here is a message that Sam wrote after the experience.Well I had my first Muay Thai fight this weekend, didn’t get the win but came out with heaps of experience and keen to jump in and do it again, I would like to thank my trainer Narelle Leahey for putting so much effort into me for this fight, I appreciate everything you do for me and I would also like to thank Locky Nugent and Tarley Leahey for being in my Corner and helping me train also, and to everyone that came down to support me”. 

۞  2nd of June: Hervey Bay ParkRun. Thankyou to the organisers of the weekly ParkRun events in Hervey Bay for presenting me with a certificate award. I am always glad to be involved in these kinds of empowering community events focused on helping people stay fit and healthy in life. 

۞  9th of June (and ongoing): The ParkRun events in Hervey Bay are always a positive experience for everyone involved. Integrated Martial Arts now has a total of 41 team-mates participating in the Saturday morning event It's inspiring to see such a widespread level of personal motivation towards health and fitness in the community. Thankyou to all of the organisers and volunteers (including those from the Integrated team) for providing these opportunities for everyone to benefit from.   

۞ Thankyou Note: Much appreciation to all of the other instructors at the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre who continue to join forces with me in offering a wide variety of health and fitness classes in the community. Thankyou Narelle Leahey, Dale MacKenzie, Joshua Seedsman, Jared Crooks, Maridol Torres and Tahnee MacKenzie. Each of your personal dedication and commitment to helping others in the community is inspirational and I am grateful for all that you do.

۞ I would like to also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of the families and students involved for your continual support and participation within the Integrated Academy.

May you continue to be uplifted and empowered through Inner Strength, Courage, Truth and Love.

With the Light of Friendship, Harmony and Appreciation,

From Michael )))...∞


۞ 22nd of July: Jetty2Jetty FunRun at Woody Point, Moreton Bay. 


۞ 26th of July: Blue Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall.

۞ 5th of August: Cane2Coral FunRun at Bundaberg. We are putting together another Integrated community team. Last year the Integrated team was awarded with a $350 cheque that we were able to donate to the Act For Kids charity org based in Maryborough. Here is the Cane2Coral website link that has an overview of the event If you would like to join in with us here is the link to our team page with all the info.  

۞ 12th of August: Emergence Level 1 Gryphon Grading at the Integrated Centre in Pialba.

۞ 6th of September: Green Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall.

۞ 27th of September: 2nd Degree Black Belt Grading for Dale MacKenzie at the Dundowran Hall.


۞ Integrated Team Fitness/Running Singlets. We received our first shipment of these singlets and they have turned out at a really high quality of print and material. They are $40 and are available in male and female styles in both adults and kids sizes. If you would like one just give me a quick call or send me a message with quantity and sizes and I can organise it.

۞ We have a webpage for the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre ! The page also includes a downloadable and printable class timetable.

۞ Integral Health And Harmony sessions continue to be available!

Contact Maridol on 0404 797 222 or 4128 7891 for more info. 


There is also a webpage available at the following link:

۞ Maridol's book "Unveiling The Soul - A Journey Into Light" has now been published by the Balboa Press company! 


The book consists of 140 pages of soulful poetry and artwork. 

An excellent promo video has recently been created.


There is more info about Maridol's book at the following link: Balboa Press: "Unveiling The Soul"

۞ The webpage for the new enhanced edition of the “Inspiration For Life’s Journey” book has been updated. The books are available at each of the Integrated Martial Arts training centre's and for anyone who doesn't live near Hervey Bay it is available to purchase online. There is also a PDF file available for anyone interested. If you would like a copy of the book in either format just let me know. The following link provides the purchase options and more details about the book:  

There is also a Facebook page that each week or so I put a new inspirational affirmation, artwork or poetry page taken from within the book or other sources.


“The process of Soulful discovery is an awe-inspiring journey of transformation and humility.”

~ Mick’s random epiphanies of awareness 2018 :)