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Written on the 6th of March 2019

A big welcome to the new members and families who have recently joined in with our classes and thank you to everyone for your continued support and participation within the Integrated Academy. This newsletter covers some of the recent occurrences and then focuses on some upcoming events to look forward to experiencing in the future.

🌟  9th of December 2018: Well done to everyone who participated in the 2018 BeachWalkathon. Because of your generosity we were able to present a $482.50 cheque to the Hervey Bay “Act For Kids” organisation

🌟  20th of December 2018: Congratulations to Callum Green for attaining his 1st Degree Black Belt after completing all of the grading requirement at the Dundowran Hall. As always Callum showed plenty of heart, skill and determination throughout the experience. Earning his Black Belt was a culmination of many years of personal dedication and commitment to the Martial Arts journey, not only in what he gained for himself but also what he continually gave towards others. Thankyou to everyone who was there in support as it meant a lot to us all. 

🌟  22nd of December 2018: Much gratitude for all the people who helped out at the Integrated Academy Christmas BBQ & Award Presentations. It was a bit windy but the rain luckily held off for us to enjoy the celebrations. Congratulations to everyone who received the trophies and certificates. Much respect to all of the instructors and families who have helped the Academy continue to provide opportunities for self-development throughout the year. 

🌟  1st of February 2019: Well done to the five awesome young lads who completed the Integrated Self-Development Program. A special congratulations to the two students who completed all six of the sessions (commencing from December 2018) to earn their Integrated Self-Development certificates. Thankyou to “Hervey Bay Act for Kids” for helping to organise this particular program.  

🌟  10th of February 2019: The 2019 Fraser Coast Sports Expo. Much appreciation to the families and instructors who helped me represent the Integrated Academy and Wellbeing Centre during this annual event at the Hervey Bay PCYC

🌟  21st of February 2019: Well done to the Transition 2 Success students and support workers for their involvement in session #1 of the Integrated Self-Development Course being facilitated at the Kal’ang Centre in Hervey Bay. I am looking forward to this great opportunity to support the young people of our community. 

🌟  2nd of March 2019: Integrated Martial Arts student Cody Moras had his first MMA fight during the XFC 39 event in Brisbane. Much respect to Cody for personally choosing to rise up towards such a powerful opportunity for self-development on many levels (mind, body, emotions, spirit). And even though Cody didn't come away with the win, he fought well and exchanged some good striking with his opponent. Midway through the round the fight hit the ground and he did some good work getting back to his feet but was taken back down to the ground and his opponent was able to work his arm under the jaw, Cody persevered for a while but eventually had to tap. Cody is using the experience as a catalyst for continued learning and development. Congratulations to Cody for having the heart to live a life of inner strength, courage, respect and humility. 

🌟 November - December (and ongoing): The ParkRun events in Hervey Bay are always a positive experience for everyone involved. Representatives of Integrated Martial Arts continue to participate in the Saturday morning event It's inspiring to see such a widespread level of personal motivation towards health and fitness in the community. Thankyou to all of the organisers and volunteers (including those from the Integrated team) for providing these opportunities for everyone to benefit from.    

۞ Thankyou Note: Much appreciation to all of the other instructors at the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre who continue to join forces with me in offering a wide variety of health and fitness classes in the community. Thankyou Narelle Leahey, Dale MacKenzie, Joshua Seedsman, Jared Crooks and Tahnee MacKenzie. Each of your personal dedication and commitment to helping others in the community is inspirational and I am grateful for all that you do.

۞ I would like to also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of the families and students involved for your continual support and participation within the Integrated Academy.

May you continue to be uplifted and empowered through Inner Strength, Courage, Truth and Love.

With the Light of Friendship, Harmony and Appreciation,

From Michael )))...∞


۞   Saturday the 6th of April: The 2019 “Bay Break” MultiSports Festival in Hervey Bay. This will be a great experience to share with others in the community. There are a few people (including myself :) ) connected to the Integrated Academy who will be running the 42.2km Marathon. We also have some participants signed up for the other distance options including Half-Marathon and 10km. It has already been a character-building journey of preparation with many training km’s being churned out each week throughout the previous months. Here is the link to the website where you can find out more information and also register to participate in any of the available distance options  

۞  The Annual Integrated Martial Arts Friendship Challenge event will occur this year on Saturday the 4th of May at the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre. There will be at least 25 MMA bouts and also some Muay Thai bouts taking place within our “Realm Of Courage” Octagon! All students, families, friends and instructors are looking forward to the experience. Commencing from the beginning of April, we will be providing the necessary registration forms for each of the students who have chosen to participate. A Facebook event page will also be created leading up to the eve


۞ We have a webpage for the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre ! The page also includes a downloadable and printable class timetable.

۞ The webpage for the new enhanced edition of the “Inspiration For Life’s Journey” book has been updated. The books are available at each of the Integrated Martial Arts training centre's and for anyone who doesn't live near Hervey Bay it is available to purchase online. There is also a PDF file available for anyone interested. If you would like a copy of the book in either format just let me know. The following link provides the purchase options and more details about the book:  

There is also a Facebook page that each week or so I put a new inspirational affirmation, artwork or poetry page taken from within the book or other sources.



“As Human Beings we are all very powerful magnets... our thoughts, feelings, intentions and beliefs eventually materialise into our future experiences and henceforth create our life reality.”    

~ excerpt from page 80 of "Inspiration For Life’s Journey" :)