Integrated Academy co-joined with inspiration


Written on the 11th of September 2018

A big welcome to the new members and families who have recently joined in with our classes and thank you to everyone for your continued support and participation within the Integrated Academy. This newsletter covers some of the recent occurrences and then focuses on some upcoming events to look forward to experiencing in the future.

🌟 20th of June: Youth Empowerment Program. Well done to all of the participants and youth support workers from Australian Red Cross for finishing another successful program involving our Integrated Self-Development module.

🌟 26th & 27th of June: Thankyou to Chep Krummel for providing the fencing material & latchable gate that my Dad helped install in the Integrated Centre. And also thanks to my Dad’s kindness and generosity we also installed three pull-up bars onto the galvanised steel framework in between the kickboxing bags.

🌟 28th of June: Hervey Bay High School group presentation. Congratulations for the students on their completion of the Integrated Self-Development Program

🌟 11th of July: Integrated Meditation & Chi Yoga session at the Fraser Coast Anglican College. Well done to each of the participants for their involvement, and thankyou to the principal and staff members for inviting me to facilitate one of my favourite classes.

🌟 22nd of July: Jetty 2 Jetty FunRun at Moreton Bay. This was a great new event to experience, well done to Integrated Team member Craig Cunningham for his excellent time for the 10km. I will be looking to put together an Integrated Academy fitness team for involvement in 2019. 

🌟 5th of August: Cane 2 Coral FunRun at Bundaberg. This was our 2nd consecutive year of entering a team into this event. Much gratitude to the 12 participants of the Integrated Wellbeing & Development team who joined together for the event. Not only did everyone do really well with the run but together we also raised nearly $250 for the ActForKids charity org. Well done and thankyou to all involved.

🌟 8th of August: Congrats to all participants of session # 1 of the Youth Empowerment Program at the Integrated Wellbeing Centre.

🌟 16th of August: “Trauma Informed Course at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre. This was a very comprehensive and helpful course provided by representatives of the Youth Justice Services. Thankyou to my friends at YJS Hervey bay for inviting me to be there as part of our continued commitment towards the young people in our community. 

🌟 19th of August: Sunshine Coast Marathon event at Alexandra Headlands. This will also become an annual event for the Integrated Academy to prepare for each year. It was just two of us this year that represented Hervey Bay Integrated Martial Arts & Wellbeing Centre, but both Craig Cunningham and I were able to improve on our previous best times. Craig finished with a 1:37:17 (236/1812). I finished with a 1:39:41 (279/1812). All of the fitness training is really being converted to results and I am looking forward to see more progression and improvement into the future.

🌟 29th of August: Well done to all for their continued involvement in the Youth Empowerment Program at the Integrated Wellbeing Centre.

🌟 August & September (and ongoing): The ParkRun events in Hervey Bay are always a positive experience for everyone involved. Representatives of Integrated Martial Arts continue to participate in the Saturday morning event It's inspiring to see such a widespread level of personal motivation towards health and fitness in the community. Thankyou to all of the organisers and volunteers (including those from the Integrated team) for providing these opportunities for everyone to benefit from.    

۞ Thankyou Note: Much appreciation to all of the other instructors at the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre who continue to join forces with me in offering a wide variety of health and fitness classes in the community. Thankyou Narelle Leahey, Dale MacKenzie, Joshua Seedsman, Jared Crooks and Tahnee MacKenzie. Each of your personal dedication and commitment to helping others in the community is inspirational and I am grateful for all that you do.

۞ I would like to also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of the families and students involved for your continual support and participation within the Integrated Academy.

May you continue to be uplifted and empowered through Inner Strength, Courage, Truth and Love.

With the Light of Friendship, Harmony and Appreciation,

From Michael )))...∞



۞ 27th of September: 2nd Degree Black Belt Grading for Dale MacKenzie at the Dundowran Hall.

۞ 7th of October: Masters Games 10km or 5km running event at Maryborough (Anzac Park area).  

۞ 1st of November: Blue Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall.

۞ 29th of November: Green Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall. 

۞ 2nd of December: Emergence Level 1 Gryphon Grading at the Integrated Centre in Pialba. 

۞ 20th of December: 1st Degree Black Belt Grading for Callum Green at the Dundowran Hall.


۞ Integrated Team Fitness Shirts. These shirts have turned out great filled with empowering energy and inspiration. There are still a few remaining for anyone who may like to purchase one. 

۞ We have a webpage for the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre ! The page also includes a downloadable and printable class timetable.

۞ The webpage for the new enhanced edition of the “Inspiration For Life’s Journey” book has been updated. The books are available at each of the Integrated Martial Arts training centre's and for anyone who doesn't live near Hervey Bay it is available to purchase online. There is also a PDF file available for anyone interested. If you would like a copy of the book in either format just let me know. The following link provides the purchase options and more details about the book:  

There is also a Facebook page that each week or so I put a new inspirational affirmation, artwork or poetry page taken from within the book or other sources.


Each experience in life is an opportunity for personal development.”

~ Excerpt from page 36 of “Inspiration for Life’s Journey”