Integrated Academy co-joined with inspiration


Written on the 2nd of July 2019

A big welcome to the new members and families who have recently joined in with our classes and thank you to everyone for your continued support and participation within the Integrated Academy. This newsletter covers some of the recent occurrences and then focuses on some upcoming events to look forward to experiencing in the future.

🌟 7th of March – 4th of April: Well done to the Transition 2 Success students and support workers for their continued involvement in the Integrated Self-Development Program facilitated at the Kal’ang Centre. These sessions provide a great opportunity to increase our support towards the young people of our community. 

🌟 6th of April: Hervey Bay “BayBreak” Marathon: My personal goal was to complete the 42.2km in less than 4hrs and I ended up hobbling across the finish line in 3:57:13 which after suffering with mega-cramps :) in both of my hamstring muscles from about the 34th km onwards I was genuinely happy to get my body across the finish line. I found the entire experience very character-building as it forced me into places mentally & emotionally that I'd never ventured before. Thankyou to my good friend and training partner Craig Cunningham for all his dedication and support towards the preparation. Craig ended up with an awesome result of 3:42mins. Much respect also to my Sister Belinda Green for completing her first ever half-marathon with a sub-2hr time. Thank you to all my friends and family for sharing such kind-hearted supportive energy throughout the journey. 

🌟 4th of May: Congratulations to all of the participants who were involved in the 2019 Integrated Martial Arts Friendship Challenge! Everyone did really well throughout the event and all deserve to feel great about having the courage to step into the arena and not only did they demonstrate great Martial Arts skills but also so much mutual respect and heartfelt determination. Thank you to everyone who helped me before, during and after the event, your kindness and generosity means a lot. Much appreciation also to our sponsors 🌟101.9 Fraser Coast ... Kawungan Quality Meats ... Bendigo Bank Community Branch. 

🌟 17th of May: Well done to the six representatives of the Helping Hands Disability Support Agency for competing their Integrated Self-Defence course at our Integrated Wellbeing Centre. 

🌟 19th of May: Hervey Bay Half-Marathon: Thank you to the Fraser Coast Runners & Walkers Club for putting on this annual event. There was such a great vibe of comradeship created through the community and many of us were able to push through our previous bests. Much respect to my Integrated team-mate Craig Cunningham for getting 3rd place with an amazing time of 1:31:55. I ended up stepping over the finish line in 6th place overall with a time of 1:36:29 which was 3 minutes faster than my previous best 🙂 

🌟 20th of May: Integrated Self-Development Program at the Urangan High School. Well done to the students involved in this 8-week program focused on self-control, empowerment and motivation.  

🌟 21st of May: Congratulations to the “Transition 2 Success” students and support workers who were awarded with their Integrated Self-Development Course certificates after being involved in our weekly sessions throughout the previous 3 months. 

🌟 31st of May: T2S Graduation: Much respect to all of the students and to the youth support team who attended the Graduation Ceremony at the Hervey Bay Cultural Centre. You all deserve to be proud of yourselves and one another for this great personal attainment. It was also an honour to be able to personally present a copy of my Inspiration For Life’s Journey book to each graduating student. Heartfelt appreciation to Australian Red Cross and the Youth Justice Services for organising this surprise presentation.  

🌟 20th of June: Blue Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall. Congratulations to each of the six Integrated Academy students (Lola Adams, Ella Crighton, Cooper Page, Destiny Forster, Dylan Adams and Harrison Scrivens) for their success at the blue belt grading! Much gratitude to everyone who helped out for this grading and also to each of the families involved for being there in support. 

🌟 24th of June: Congratulations to the Urangan High School students for completing the 8-week Integrated Self-Development program. Each student received a certificate of attainment in combination with their personalised folder of inspiration.

🌟 19th of June & 25th of June: Well done to all of the Xavier College students who participated in my Integrated Empowerment sessions as part of their Personal Development Program. It was humbling to be given the opportunity to share with so many students throughout the four sessions which consisted of about 25 students per session. 

🌟 April - July (and ongoing): The ParkRun events in Hervey Bay are always a positive experience for everyone involved. Representatives of Integrated Martial Arts & Wellbeing continue to participate in the Saturday morning event It's inspiring to see such a widespread level of personal motivation towards health and fitness in the community. Thankyou to all of the organisers and volunteers (including from the Integrated team) for providing these opportunities for everyone to benefit from. 

۞ Thankyou Note: Much appreciation to all of the other instructors at the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre who continue to join forces with me in offering a wide variety of health and fitness classes in the community. Thankyou Narelle Leahey, Dale MacKenzie, Joshua Seedsman, Jared Crooks and Tahnee MacKenzie. Each of your personal dedication and commitment to helping others in the community is inspirational and I am grateful for all that you do.

۞ I would like to also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of the families and students involved for your continual support and participation within the Integrated Academy.

May you continue to be uplifted and empowered through Inner Strength, Courage, Truth and Love.

With the Light of Friendship, Harmony and Appreciation,

From Michael )))...∞


۞  Sunday the 21st of July: The “Jetty2Jetty” FunRun in Moreton Bay. There will be a team of Integrated runners participating in this event. Here is the event website for anyone who may also like to join in with us. If you select the Integrated Development team you will get a discount on the registration  

۞ Friday the 12th of July: Blue Belt Grading at the Burrum Heads Hall

۞  Thursday the 25th of July: Green Belt Grading at the Dundowran Hall.

۞  Sunday the 4th of August: The 2019 Cane2Coral FunRun in Bundaberg. As per previous years we are putting together an Integrated Community Team for this event. We are raising funds for the "Act For Kids" charity. Everyone who joins the team will automatically have a percentage of the rego fee go towards the charity. I have created a team event page on Facebook with all the details:  


۞ We have a webpage for the Integrated Martial Arts Wellbeing Centre ! The page also includes a downloadable and printable class timetable.

۞ The webpage for the new enhanced edition of the “Inspiration For Life’s Journey” book has been updated. The books are available at each of the Integrated Martial Arts training centre's and for anyone who doesn't live near Hervey Bay it is available to purchase online. There is also a PDF file available for anyone interested. If you would like a copy of the book in either format just let me know. The following link provides the purchase options and more details about the book:  

There is also a Facebook page that each week or so I put a new inspirational affirmation, artwork or poetry page taken from within the book or other sources.


🌟 “The truth of your identity dwells within the purity of your heart.”  

~ excerpt from page 84 of "Inspiration For Life’s Journey" :)

May you continue to be uplifted and empowered through Inner Strength, Courage, Truth and Love.

With the Light of Friendship, Harmony and Appreciation, 

From Michãel )))… ∞